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Amazing Deals at Kokomo Botanical Resort & Spa

Take advantage of one of the many specials available to our guests to make their vacation experiences more affordable and unique. Each special we offer not only saves you money, but also includes a unique experience you can only get at Kokomo Botanical Resort & Spa.

Once In A New Moon Sail... Sale

New moons are the start of new beginnings. What better way to start a new cycle in your life than to experience the start of a new moon on a night time cruise of the Turks & Caicos waters on Grace Bay.   Every new moon you not only get a free night's stay you also enjoy a complementary night cruse where you'll unwind and connect with nature and your friends.  You may have seen the stars at night, but you have never seen the stars on a moonless night devoid of human light.  The cosmos are brighter, the shooting stars are stunning, and the feeling is one you can't describe... only experience. Join us for a free night at either One On Marlin or Kokomo Botanical Resort & Spa on each and every new moon.


Full Moon Nights Are A Free for All…something to howl about!

Save 20% on your next singles stay at One On Marlin. In the Circle of Life each year we cycle through Four Seasons of Change, but every 14 days in the Turks and Caicos we experience the serenity of a New Moon with a night sky full of shooting stars and a Full Moon to get all fired Up…totally and truly ‘Beautiful by Nature’. Escape and Experience. Get off the gird and stop the grind. Counter-balance and find your Way to Stay Alive and Well. Book your New Moon or Full Moon Escape Package Today. Call One On Marlin Directly to Book This Deal 649.433.0000 Minimum Stay of 5 Nights (4 paid, 1 free)