Stay Alive And Well

A Naturally Hedonistic Experience

Locally Inspired First-Class Experiences

We bring you l.i.f.e, locally inspired first-class experiences from the moment you arrive at your island home away from home to the moment it is time to go back to your home, both on property and throughout the Turks and Caicos islands.

Explore the Turks & Caicos Islands

Living is more than just traveling to a place and having a cookie-cutter experience.  Living is about the experience, immersing  yourself in your another culture and truly experiencing a vacation.  At Alive and Well we believe in L.I.F.E., or a Locally Inspired First-class Experience.  We bring you the best of the island in a way only a local could with multi-sensory experience of taste, emotion, connection and amazement.  The Turks and Caicos offers so much, here is just a sampling of what you can enjoy.

Your personal butler is ready to arrange any on-island experience you desire. Don’t know what do do? Ask us, we’ll have some amazing ideas to give you L.I.F.E.


Dip your toes into the warm azure water of the Caribbean and experience a world you will remember for all time.  Swimmers and non-swimmers alike can enjoy a snorkeling excursion directly from the beach or from one of the many tours available.

SCUBA Diving

The Turks & Caicos is ranked among the top dive spots in the world by SCUBA Diving magazine.  Beginner divers can enjoy a brief “resort” lesson before a shallow dive, while more advanced divers can experience the amazing cliffs, reefs and more awaiting you under the surface.


Never gone paddleboarding before? What an amazing experience. Pack a picnic lunch. Paddle across the leeward channel and discover why turks and caicos is beautiful by nature.  Mangroves, small inlets and isles galore.


The refreshing tradewinds of the Caribbean are world-renowned for their smooth sailing.  Enjoy an exciting catamaran sail right from the Alive & Well beach club or join us for an evening sail around the island. Your nautical passion will be fulfilled here.


What better way to experience L.I.F.E. than with a bike tour of the island.  Bike rentals are available and both guided and self exploration tours are a must for the adventurer in your heart.

Family Resorts in Turks And Caicos


The cool sand, the lapping waves of the Caribbean, the connection to nature and your loved ones… The beautiful beaches of Grace Bay await you on an Alive & Well Resort vacation.

Island Hiking

Enjoy a peaceful walk through the natural treasures of the Sacred Valley and experience the island from a more connected view.  Guided and un-guided walks can take you down quiet beaches, coastal forests, and into an inner peace only found here.

Local Music

Leave your earbuds in the suites or villas at your Alive & Well Resort an enjoy the music of the island.  For such a small island, the Turks & Caicos has a big sound that you have to hear to believe.


Yoga is an important part of both One On Marlin and Kokomo Botanical Resort and Spa.  We encourage you to come join us for a sunrise session or any time on your stay.  New to yoga? Good news, you are here to try new things and we can get you started.

Buggy Rentals

The wind in your hair, the rush of a new road and new feelings, the buggy and moped rentals on island are a great way to feel a little exhilaration while on vacation as well as explore the island to its fullest.


There’s treasure on the Turks & Caicos! Enjoy hours of shopping bliss while you stroll the streets of Providenciales and check out the many quaint shops and markets. Your butler can arrange a driver or you can venture on your own shopping adventure.

Craft Markets

Conch shells, local fare, artwork and more await you at the many markets in the Sacred Valley. 

Amazing Cuisine

The suites and villas at Alive & Well have kitchens so you can always create something simple, or simply create.  If you are looking to be served you can enjoy one of the many world-class restaurants on the island with cuisine ranging from simple to extravagant.

Local Produce

Think of the resorts at Alive & Well as a little Garden of Eden, where all your food can be had at your fingertips.  The fruit trees, gardens and the flora and fauna around you is created to be a sustainable food source for locals and guests alike.

Local Spots

Grab a drink at Jimmy’s Dive Bar or one of the many other great local spots that you won’t want to miss while visiting.  Part of L.I.F.E. is creating a deep, local connection to the island.  What better way than enjoying a pint?

Championship Golf

Don’t worry about packing your clubs, your personal butler can arrange for equipment and tee times at Provo Golf Club, “the jewel in the Turks and Caicos’ crown”.

The Luxury of Isolation

Isolation is the new luxury. In nothing you find everything you want and need but with a dedicated team of warm hearted people to serve and make you happy and healthy. When you book a vacation at an alive and well resort you not only get a great island hideaway, but a dedicated personal butler to take good care of everything you need 24/7

Jeep Rentals

Ready to get behind the wheel and expand your horizon on the island?  Jeep tours and rentals are available and your butler can arrange any excursions or rentals you desire.