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A Family Resort In Turks And Caicos – Kokomo Botanical Resort

There’s no vacation more memorable than a family vacation: the goofy family photos, the new experiences and the unforgettable family moments that stay with you forever. And if you’re searching for a family-friendly resort in the Turks and Caicos, we’ve got you covered. At our Turks and Caicos family resort Kokomo Botanical Resort & Spa, […]

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Looking For Adults Only Resorts in Turks and Caicos?

Imagine paradise, undisturbed and worry-free, with the sound of crystal-clear waves crashing the shoreline and a light breeze blowing through the palm leaves of the trees, as you sit under your private umbrella with a drink in hand and your feet in the sand. Your perfect island getaway is within reach at One On Marlin, […]

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Our New Beach Mobiles Are Here!

Here at Alive And Well Resorts we strive to provide our guests with top notch service and amenities while limiting our impact on the environment as much as possible. That is why we are so proud to announce the addition of our brand new solar powered Beach Mobiles! These 14 seat Beach Mobiles will be […]

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