Once In A New Moon Sail… Sale

Once In A New Moon Sail… Sale

New moons are the start of new beginnings. What better way to start a new cycle in your life than to experience the start of a new moon on a night time cruise of the Turks & Caicos waters on Grace Bay.  

Every new moon you not only get a free night’s stay you also enjoy a complementary night cruse where you’ll unwind and connect with nature and your friends.  You may have seen the stars at night, but you have never seen the stars on a moonless night devoid of human light.  The cosmos are brighter, the shooting stars are stunning, and the feeling is one you can’t describe… only experience.

Join us for a free night at either One On Marlin or Kokomo Botanical Resort & Spa on each and every new moon.

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Free Moon Nights at Alive and Well Resorts

  • July 9 – Free Full Moon!
  • July 23 – Free New Moon!
  • August 7 – Free Full Moon!
  • August 21 – Free New Moon!
  • September 6 – Free Full Moon!
  • Septemer 20 – Free New Moon!
  • October 5 – Free Full Moon!
  • October 19 – Free New Moon!
  • November 4 – Free Full Moon!
  • November 18 – Free New Moon!
  • December 3 – Free Full Moon!
  • December 18 – Free New Moon!

Minimum Stay of 5 Nights (4 paid, 1 free)

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